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Hello world! My name is Serena.

Yes, the title says the truth, I’ve always been a blog’s reader and never ever a writer. So, time for a change!

And, before starting,  the reason why my english is so poor it isn’t because I’m a 5 years old kid with a pc, but because I’m a real Italian (old) girl, living in Rome (more details about me in the proper page when I’ll find a moment to put down something cool about me). So, sorry for my English and be kind with me because I’m a real blog newbie!

Coming straight to the point, why another food blog on the web?
There are many reasons and, in time, I will explain many of them.
For now, the far more important one is that I really want to start this little project of mine: I’d like a place where to put and share my new and old recipes, the recipes created by me as well as the recipes that my grandma used to cook during Christmas holidays, recipes suggested by friends of mine and so on. All the recipes that I’d like to publish on this blog have been tasted by me, my husband, my family and my friends. So 100% verified!

Beside there is another important reason for this blog. In Italy there are many food and cuisine bloggers. Some of them are very good. But they spread all this knowledge and tradition of italian food only in Italian language. I think it’s really a shame. So here I am to do my part. And I assure you that it isn’t easy at all to translate all this stuff in English!

And, by the way, some last but not least information.
I am vegetarian, to be precise semi-vegetarian (fish but not meat), so you’ll never find here any meat recipes.
And, though I actually  love italian food, I also love japanese, chinese and ethnic food. And don’t make me think about american food such as pancakes or apple pie! How yummy they are!
All in all here you’ll find my personal interpretation of Italian and international cuisine!
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you the meaning of the word noce moscata.  No problem, soon you’ll find out because it’s one of my favorite spice…

Buon appetito!

P.S. In this starting phase, I don’t know yet how often I could post something but I’ll try to do my best!


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